Sync with the trees at the retreat.

Ellijay, Georgia is the 2nd Heart Chan retreat for me.
I like all the scheduled classes and sharings.
The interactive chan class with Sister Miaolian was my favorite. I felt strong connection with Shifu during the interactive chan.
When observing and sync with the nature, the trees, flowers, it brings me lasting happiness.
In everyday life, we seek temporary happiness by achieving some future goals, while missing the true happiness which is already present here.
We should express sincere gratitude to our surroundings and start to realize the beauty of life, right here and now.
It doesn’t matter what our life situation is, the now is beautiful. When you in touch with your true nature, the light will arise. Life is in love with your true nature, it doesn’t matter what form it takes.
When I sync with the giant tree,  i feel ultimate stillness, peaceful and full of joy.
Harmonizing with the nature is peace, love and joy.

James Fan