Sync With A Tree

I’d like to share my true story happened one month ago when I returned back from China. I realized that the giant ficus tree in my backyard looked so pale, thousands of leaves falling down on the ground. Immediately I was in sync with this poor tree which was full of weak energy and struggling to survive. I figured out that the tree was over watered and lack of nutrients. I formed the Diamond Lotus Mudra and received the spiritual light from Shifu to do Heart to Heart Transmission with the tree. At that moment I repented to the tree:” I’m so sorry that I didn’t take good care of you during my summer vacation . I will try my best to bring your health back and make you joyful and happy again. ” First of all, My plan was to shut off the water sprinkler and provided the best and adequate amount of nutrients for her. Next I cut out the diseased branches and trimmed the tree in round shape. Day after day, each time when I connected with the tree, I felt that the tree was getting better with luxuriant foliage everyday. I still remember our Shifu told us that the earth is the most beautiful planet in the whole universe. Human being’s thoughts and behaviors have been damaging our survival homeland. Let’s reflect for a moment that we were neglectful or hurtful to our earth environment. Often time we commit this through no mindfulness, taking for granted or possibly taking out anger on something we don’t respect as life. when we moved outside and wandered in silence over the grounds and gardens to express my gratitude as I felt sincerely in our heart, I was truly in sync with the trees, flowers……they were so joyful to accept my gratitude.