September 28, 2020

Introductory to Chan Meditation Online Class at UC Berkeley

We eat and sleep to sustain our health, maybe exercise to look and feel better, read or study to stimulate the mind. The activity of our life is much like a piece of music. If it’s all activity, it’s just noise. When we integrate “rests” into the music, it becomes a dynamic beautiful expression. Zen /Chan allows us to find the sync between activity and inactivity, form and formless, to allow our life experience to be a beautiful and fulfilling expression of life.
This is an eight-week series that covers fundamentals of Zen/Chan meditation for the UC Berkeley community, hopefully helping participants to establish and incorporate meditation into their daily routines and benefit from it. Step-by-step instructions will be given in this class. Anyone without meditation experience is welcome to join.

  • Time: Mondays 6:00-7:30pm Pacific Time, starting September 28, 2020 (8 sessions)
  • Location: Online at Zoom (meeting ID: 954 7350 9703, passcode: heartchan)

This class is free of charge. No registration is required. For inquiries, please e-mail heartchan.berkeley[AT]