November 8, 2017

Into-the-New-Year Retreat at Sacred Light Mountain Retreat Center


“Introduction to Sitting Chan” Book Editing Workshop

December 27-28                        Open to all practitioners

This workshop will be dedicated to editing, rewriting and augmenting as appropriate the book “Introduction to Sitting Chan” published in 2011 by Zen Cosmos Publishing Co. LTD. Intent will be to offer these teachings from a more universal/nondenominational perspective without losing the core, but extrapolating to comfortably encompass all who want to add Chan practice into their lives. This effort is fully endorsed by Shifu.

Workshop will follow the SLM/ERRC daily morning schedule, with afternoon and evening sessions dedicated to recommending modifications to the text and illustration sections of the book.


Chan Ding Intensive Retreat

December 29-January 1               Open to experienced practitioners

This retreat is recommended for experienced Heart Chan and meditation practitioners. An intensive exploration of insight to self, as vehicle for realization of Chan Ding. This retreat is dedicated to deepening skillfulness of surpassing. From morning meditation on 12/29 through ending of the retreat at dawn on 1/1. Silence and introspection will be observed.

Retreat will follow the SLM/ERRC morning schedule, with afternoon and evening sessions dedicated to sitting Chan (typically two 50-minute meditations with a 10-minute break in between). Then on December 31, beginning 108 minutes before midnight, 50-minute meditations (with 10-minute break in between) will be practiced until dawn on January 1.

At the conclusion of the Chan Ding Intensive Retreat, a traditional New Year noodle breakfast will be served, followed by a relaxing day of sharing and connection to begin the New Year.


  1. We may plan one group dinner at a local restaurant, but otherwise attendees would be responsible for their own meals.
  2. Some schedule details might change but the dates are set.


How to Register

To register for the retreat, please submit our online registration form and await response from ERRC.