Juemiao Guangming


Born and raised in mainland China, Guangming always has a strong interest in Spirituality. In 2001, he came to the United States for a Ph.D. study in Computer Science at the University of Southern California.

In 2005, after passing his thesis qualification, he found some time to participate in the Chan club in the university. A small casual step out of curiosity at that time turned out to be the beginning of a life-changing journey in Chan.

He met the 85th Chan Patriarch Wujue Miaotian in person in 2007 at the Shaolin Temple which is the birthplace of Chinese Chan.

In October of 2012, he took refuge in Chan Master Wujue Miaotian and was also ordained with the name “Juemiao Guangming” by the Chan Master. Currently he resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and shares Chan teachings at San Jose Center and Monterey Center.

Juemiao Jingming


Graduated with a BSEE in digital hardware and enrolled in MBA from UC Berkeley in 1971.

Served as CEO and founder of

  • Simon Electronics Of Taiwan
  • Western Medical Equipment in Irvine
  • FireRiver.com in Irvine
  • AXA Corporation in Irvine.
  • ACCUON Corporation in Irvine.

Began the practice of Heart Chan in 2000. Ordained in 2004.  Now serving practitioners in Los Angeles area.

Married to Emily Hsiao with three children.

Loves cooking, yoga, golf, singing.

Juemiao Tongming



Ordained in 2012, resides in bay area California, shares his teaching at San Jose Center and Monterey Center, and serves as the Secretary of the Board.

Juemiao Miaoming



Retired after 31 years as a vice president in a nuclear power industry with a background in Theology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Had practiced Chan (Zen) for 37 years prior to meeting the 85th Patriarch of Chan Wujue Miaotian in 2011. This experience was the beginning of a new, deeper, and richer expression of his practice. During their initial encounter, Chan Master Wujue Miaotian passed the Heart Imprint to him through direct heart-to-heart transmission and ordained him the name “Juemiao Miaoming.” He was then assigned the task to propagate and share Chan teaching worldwide.